Progress of Keywords in Google | Rank #1 in Google with SEO 2022

Welcome to the course: What’s next?

Hi, I welcome you to my complete SEO course. I hope,
after finishing the course, you will have a complete
understanding of SEO and how to start the process.

Please take these steps in order to get most out of this course.

1) Watch all the lectures one by one and you’ll find answers
to most of your questions regarding SEO and search
2) If a question pup ups in your mind while watching the
course then simply post that in the Q/A section of this
course and I will be happy to answer that.
3) You can staright implement the techniques on your
website that are taught in this course because they are
whitehat and already tested.
4) If you found anything wrong or incomplete with the course
then please let me know and I will try hard to fix that as I
work in this indusutry. But please let me know that before
writing a negative review starightaway. Thanks
5) After watching the lectures, please write your honest
review about my course. That will motivate me and help
me improve my course for futre. neil patel
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