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⁣Где ⁢была проведена оценка предложенной методики⁢ и на каких данных?


This work addresses the identification of plastic regions in geophysical ⁢data, ⁤mainly from remote ‌sensing.⁢ We​ develop a new objective method based on mathematical⁤ morphology and feature extraction (persistence landscapes) to⁣ identify the‍ location of plastic regions in environmental data. An initial data model ‍segmentation is processed by a geodesic transformation, ‍which provides an unfocused​ and uncorrelated dataset‌ that ⁢we enhance ⁣by computing a⁣ Laplace transform. ⁢The transformation is followed by a persistence⁢ landscape calculation to create an image descriptor where⁤ plastic data is located. The proposed method was evaluated on simulated ⁢data and hyperspectral satellite images around the Porto Malta canyon in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, the proposed procedure permits the subjective evaluation of ⁣the data, and some selected cases are ​shown to illustrate this situation.

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