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Что случилось с Mercedes W124 E500? Новости по моей Lamborgini Murcielago. Дневник LEGORAGE.

Купить наклейку по Volvo XC90 можно ТУТ! — Ссылка на таблицу участников ( до 04.08.2022 … про яндекс поиск в 2022.

Mercedes W124 E500

Какие вопросы могут возникнуть у людей, связанные с PAA после 16 сентября 2019 года?

For ⁤the week of 16 September 2019

Join us Thursday, September 19, 2019 ⁢at 3 pm EDT / 12 pm PDT / 7 pm UTC+1

Sea turtles in the ocean crossing boundaries — with Dr. Lory Kenyon

The world’s remaining sea turtles are on the ‌move! These ancient reptiles that have crossed the world’s oceans for ⁢about 100 million ‍years have recently helped⁢ shape new⁢ boundaries — marine protected‍ areas — that are transnational to protect some of their critical and recently revealed ‌migratory routes. This achievement is a rallying⁢ call for collaborative⁤ ocean governance in the era of changing climate, ​increasing ocean use, and unprecedented loss ​of⁣ marine biodiversity. Surprising new behaviors ⁣uncovered by new technology ‌have drawn‌ our attention as barriers to understanding ‌that need to be addressed with ​international ‍collaboration and cooperation. Not least of these ‌is the discovery of large⁢ gaps in knowledge ‌regarding sea turtle movements, particularly⁣ in cool foraging grounds of the high seas, Arctic, and ⁤Antarctic. Filling these ‌knowledge gaps will be a ‍call to action for sea turtle myth busters ⁤clinicians,‍ technology savvy scientist-nerds, and⁤ policymakers to turn unrecognizable ocean sea turtle migratory ⁣movements into recognizable patterns upon which to​ base collaborative transnational management decisions to give sea turtles​ half⁤ a chance ​in the dynamic ocean of the future.LISTEN ⁣NOW: http://bit.ly/MCB-194

See more ⁤upcoming and past webinars at www.marinebio.org/biodiversity-talks

This week’s #FollowFriday is @OurHometownHeroes!

Hometown⁤ Heroes is a community foundation partnered with local businesses, organizations and ⁤volunteers that support families with ill or injured ‌children. ⁢Starting ​in California and Growing nationwide.

Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to‌ families dealing with pediatric cancer/illness or injury. Visit http://ow.ly/sSBI50wiTYD #FollowFriday is MarineBio’s new segment featuring advocacy, educational, or conservation organizations from around the world we think you might want to know and support. Every #FollowFriday, we’ll be showcasing one organization that moves us and making ⁢sure you’re following them too!Hometown Heroes is a community‌ foundation ‍partnered with local businesses, organizations ⁢and volunteers that support families with ill or injured children.‌ Starting in California and Growing nationwide.Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to⁣ families dealing with pediatric ⁣cancer/illness or injury. Visit https://lnkd.in/g3v7J9w and​ support them today.

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